Please Don’t Hide Cute New Clothes

It took me about four tries to find the new Shelter line of clothing at The Closet.  In her blog, designer Bambi63 Rehula said that the Shelter line would be hidden in the basement of The Closet, but she didn’t say where that was.  In fact, she seemed to delight in the fact that hapless (um, er, lazy) customers like me may not be able to find the new line of clothing!  Designers please, don’t hide your new releases from me!  I have almost no camera skills, making hunting for new releases maddening!


I’m wearing the Hunting tank and Tone Denim pants from ShelterD3volution‘s Dirty Bra and Raggy Ass Stockings and Belt with Garters; Kyoot Army‘s Bella Morte belt; Sn@tch‘s No. 9 Bangles; Kari’s Cassette Tape necklace (sorry no SLurl); Deviant Kitties‘ Siyu hair; Fleur‘s Vivant Biba skin; and Lemon‘s Oh Marie shape (modified).


M&M Meme


Visit to become an M&M!

Royal Blue (semi-NSFW, at least, as NSFW as I’ll get here)

I saw the Bettle Juice suit by Marni Grut of Royal Blue and I couldn’t help but think of this 1960’s swimsuit by designer Rudi Gernreich.


Am I right?  I love the suit, but I’d recommend wearing a cute tee shirt or something underneath.  Or, go Sienna Miller and wear a fancy blouse and top hat with it.

I’m also wearing ETD‘s Ken hair; Fleur‘s Vivant Feline skin; and Lemon‘s Oh Marie shape (modified).

A Little Wishful Thinking

Is it wrong to want it to be warm enough to open my windows in the middle of March in the midwestern United States?  I don’t think so.


Fleur’s new Vivant Blossom skin had me thinking it was time for more springy clothes.  Over Blossom, I’m wearing the shrug from Last Call’s Yasmin outfit; the tintable lace cami from Argyle’s Aurora Crochet sweater; Nylon Outfitters’ Dress pants; Yummy’s Heart Window necklace; Earthtones’ Heart with Teardrop earrings; Maitreya’s Verve pumps; Aden’s Charlize hair; and Lemon’s Oh Marie shape (modified).

Sorry, no SLurls tonight.

Just Wanted to Bring This to Your Attention, Designers

Will an SL shoe designer please make these already???


In case you aren’t familiar with these, they’re Marc Jacobs’ misplaced heel shoes AND I WANT THEM BADLY!!!!

New at Creamshop

Why am I awake at this hour?  Seriously?  Could it have something to do with my jackass neighbor blasting his stereo at 6 am?  I think it might.  At least I was awake to see that there’s some new stuff at Creamshop on Koenji.


I was also happy to see that Myllie Writer of Persona released the Helena blouse on its own, and in several great colors (though I, of course, chose black).  I blogged the blouse from the set a few days ago, but I noted that the bottom of the blouse was the same shade as the skirt in the set, so you have to wear it with something high-waisted if you want to mix and match it.  Figures that now Myllie’s released the blouse on its own, I pair it with a high waisted skirt.  Hey, I’m tired!

So, I’m wearing Persona‘s Helena shirt; Creamshop‘s Gold Dot skirt and Glam Earrings (you get them in two sizes); Maitreya‘s Slinky stilettos; ETD‘s Roxie hair; Fleur‘s Vivant Dakota skin; and Lemon‘s Oh Marie shape (modified).


When I saw eLDee’s new Pomme outfit, I had to run out and buy it.  Apples don’t represent temptation for nothing!


In addition to eLDee‘s Pomme outfit, I’m wearing Chapeau Tres Mignon‘s Apple bag (holding a condom and a hotel room key); Maitreya‘s Slinky stilettos; Muse‘s Chinoiserie earrings; Miriel‘s Antiqued bracelet; Armidi‘s Soho hair; Minnu Model Skins Care skin; and Lemon‘s Oh Marie shape (modified).