I just downloaded the new viewer, and it’s got windlight!  Can anyone recommend a good face lamp that works with the default settings?  I’m all gray and wrinkly. 😦  If I’m going to come back to blogging, I have to relearn basic lighting and it may take a little while.

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  1. As of yesterday I was on the release candidate viewer (I haven’t logged in yet today so I’m just assuming they made this live.) If you go to your preferences and go to Graphics, then click the Custom box (or it might be advanced, I’m unsure) to the right of the slider bar, and uncheck “atmospheric shaders” and lower down, the one having to do with hardware skinning, everything should look as it did before windlight. Hope that helps!

  2. There is one at BareRose, as well as Shapes by Zada. Probably worth checking out – I’ve heard good things about both 😀

  3. Hi! I have been using windlight since it came out and had the same problems you are experience, I was really unhappy! But after trying many lights out there I find that RAC’s face light is the best. It doesn’t matter if you don’t own a RAC skin, the face light comes free with any demo you get from the store.
    Hope I was helpful!

  4. You can still run 1.19.0 which doesn’t have Windlight, or you can turn off the Windlight by turning off “Atmospheric Shaders” in the Graphics Preferences tab.

    I’m running the old 18.5.3 with Nicholaz’s viewer because my PC is too old and slow for the new viewer. Nicholaz’s still works fine but he has stated he will not be releasing any upgrades, so it’s a matter of time till that stops working too. But for now it’s okay.

  5. Yes 🙂 Bare Rose has a free facelight set specifically made for Windlight with different options for the different times of the day. Good luck!

  6. Well Tesla has a great face lamp BUT Canimal has a download-able XML setting that looks great.

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