Frills and Curls

I was bored today so I did a little shopping.  I visited Cake hopping for new hair, and there it was!  Berlin is a gorgeous, shoulder-length curly style with soft, side-swept bangs.  There’s also a longer version called Faith, though that may have been released before Berlin.  I also found a fancy frilly blouse at Bare Rose in the Fantasy set.  You get the blouse in several different colors along with a pair of high-waisted pants.  I thought I’d try the blouse with a pencil skirt for a different look.frillsncurls.jpg

I’m wearing the top from Bare Rose‘s Fantasy set; the skirt from Fleur‘s Desk Set; Armidi Gisaci‘s Au Di Crocodile belt and Vidalia pumps; Snatch‘s fishnets; Paper Couture’s Boulevard bag; Cake‘s Berlin hair; my custom skin from Fleur; Muse’s Heart Lariat necklace (sold with Tuli‘s RFL outfit); and Lemon‘s Oh Marie shape (modified).

Just in case you can’t see the necklace, here’s a close-up.


3 responses to “Frills and Curls

  1. Arianna Psaltery

    Frills are great! I love all the pieces at BareRose 🙂

  2. Chrystina Noel

    Maybe I’m blind but I totally can’t find that skirt at Fleur D: lol. Really great outfit though ^^

  3. Man, I want that shirt IRL.

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