Please Don’t Hide Cute New Clothes

It took me about four tries to find the new Shelter line of clothing at The Closet.  In her blog, designer Bambi63 Rehula said that the Shelter line would be hidden in the basement of The Closet, but she didn’t say where that was.  In fact, she seemed to delight in the fact that hapless (um, er, lazy) customers like me may not be able to find the new line of clothing!  Designers please, don’t hide your new releases from me!  I have almost no camera skills, making hunting for new releases maddening!


I’m wearing the Hunting tank and Tone Denim pants from ShelterD3volution‘s Dirty Bra and Raggy Ass Stockings and Belt with Garters; Kyoot Army‘s Bella Morte belt; Sn@tch‘s No. 9 Bangles; Kari’s Cassette Tape necklace (sorry no SLurl); Deviant Kitties‘ Siyu hair; Fleur‘s Vivant Biba skin; and Lemon‘s Oh Marie shape (modified).


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