New at Creamshop

Why am I awake at this hour?  Seriously?  Could it have something to do with my jackass neighbor blasting his stereo at 6 am?  I think it might.  At least I was awake to see that there’s some new stuff at Creamshop on Koenji.


I was also happy to see that Myllie Writer of Persona released the Helena blouse on its own, and in several great colors (though I, of course, chose black).  I blogged the blouse from the set a few days ago, but I noted that the bottom of the blouse was the same shade as the skirt in the set, so you have to wear it with something high-waisted if you want to mix and match it.  Figures that now Myllie’s released the blouse on its own, I pair it with a high waisted skirt.  Hey, I’m tired!

So, I’m wearing Persona‘s Helena shirt; Creamshop‘s Gold Dot skirt and Glam Earrings (you get them in two sizes); Maitreya‘s Slinky stilettos; ETD‘s Roxie hair; Fleur‘s Vivant Dakota skin; and Lemon‘s Oh Marie shape (modified).


2 responses to “New at Creamshop

  1. Moisie Swindlehurst

    What if one day I left you a comment that said “OH MY GOD TAMARA, YOUR ASS LOOKS ENORMOUS?”

    One of these days, Kirshner. One of these days.

  2. I’d weep for days!

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