Naughty Librarian

This look started as a low-prim look for the Skin Fair.  I wanted to impress Ms. Roslin Petion with my wearing of Fleur’s Boutique Shoujo skin, but I never got to the skin fair when Ros was around.  So, the look evolved a bit.  Instead of a buttoned-up blouse with a tie, I found myself wearing an open blouse with my bra peeking out.  Instead of a short, pixie haircut, I went for a messy up-do.  So, instead of a cute menswear look, I ended up with a naughty librarian look.


I’m wearing the free Boyfriend shirt from Blaze; Last Call’s Ingrid pants (from the outfit of the same name); Intimizzio’s Harlow Rhinestone lingerie; Maitreya’s Chichi pumps; Artilleri’s Greta glasses; ETD’s Bonita hair; Fleur’s Boutique Shoujo skin; and Lemon’s Apres Moi shape (modified).  Sorry, I’m tired, so no SLurls.


One response to “Naughty Librarian

  1. Aw, I could never catch Roslin either at the skin fair TT_TT I even hung out at the Fleur kiosk for a long time, waiting. Meh.

    Anyway, I love the look! ^^

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