Muse and Cachet, Made for Each Other

With the opening of Cachet, there’s finally clothing truly worthy of Muse jewelry! Okay, there has been clothing worthy of Muse jewelry on the grid, but just look at how beautifully Muse’s Chatelaine shoulder brooch and chain goes with Cachet’s Wednesday suit!


I’m also wearing Tesla‘s Diva heels; Coif‘s Sushi hair; Minnu Model Skins‘ Light York skin; and Lemon‘s Apres Moi (edited) shape.


3 responses to “Muse and Cachet, Made for Each Other

  1. Woot! you’re so gorgeous!
    Hello Tamara-I hope you remember me,,,
    walked runway with you at GLAM show.
    (I’m also a member of FACES;))

    I also got the same outfits
    yes they’re so great!and will blog about it later,
    so may I link to your blog then?
    hope to see you soon :))

  2. Hi, Haruka! Thank you so much! I do remember you. Please feel free to link to my blog. Also, please give me the URL of your blog so that I may link to yours as well!

  3. Wow! thank you!
    I already added your blog to my favorites category and wrote about my love to you..hehe.

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