Please Help Me Find Some Shoes!

I saw a pair of very high-top sneakers on a blog several days, maybe even a week, ago.  I didn’t star the shoes, and now I wish I had.  Please help me find these!  If you know where to get them, please leave a comment or IM me in-world.  Thanks!


10 responses to “Please Help Me Find Some Shoes!

  1. Sakuradawn Lei

    I think these are what you are looking for, they are from MK Fashion ^-^

  2. rvrphoenix masala

    are you refering to bonnie and clyde’s blog on chucks?

  3. Wasn’t it on SL Free*Style?

  4. I’ve blogged some color-change high-high tops a could of times — here’s one: .
    Maybe that’s what you were looking for? I got them at MK Fashion (

    Hope this helps!

  5. Thank you all so much for your help! The shoes are the ones from MK! I can’t wait to go get them!

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