Tomorrow! Tomorrow! I Love You, Tomorrow!

Cause that’s when this great outfit from Silent Sparrow goes on sale!  Hya passed me this outfit a few days ago and wouldn’t let me blog it until today.  Since the set was so gorgeous, I couldn’t hold it against her.  Instead, I went out to a park in Caledon to snap a picture.


There’s also matching jewelry from Balderdash.  I’m wearing the choker, brooch, and earrings.  I’m also wearing ETD’s Anisa hair; Fleur‘s Shouju skin (which I misidentified as Lotus in an earlier post); and Lemon‘s Oh Marie shape.


One response to “Tomorrow! Tomorrow! I Love You, Tomorrow!

  1. But Lotus is the name of the skin tone so it’s at least half right! I love this outfit, looks lovely on you and I can’t wait for the party this weekend. ❤ hya, she has amazing talent and is a sweet soul as well.

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