Ha!  I crack myself up!  Well, not really.  I guess it’s not that funny.  Sigh.  I can always console myself with great new clothes from The Abyss.  Until now, I’d only explored the hair and skin shop on that sim, but yesterday I went to the gear side.  Frankly, I wasn’t prepared to like it as much as I did!


I picked up the Camo shorts and Kini top, along with The Catalyst boots.  However, I decided I looked a bit chilly, so I added a cute little shrug from LaLa FooFoo (sold at Celestial Studios).  I also added the Slave to the Music necklace from  Punk Couture (which I don’t think is around anymore 😦 ); Pushbutton Industries‘ Amp Cable wrap; Digital Knickers‘ Revolver belly ring; Juicy’s lip piercing (La Reina Valentine’s Day freebie); Minnu Model Skins‘ skin for LeeZu Baxter from the GLAM show (sorry, not released); and Lemon‘s Apres Moi shape (body modified, face left the same).


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