I Feel Pretty! Oh So Pretty!

After the edgier outfit in my last post, I felt like going for something sweet and pretty today.  So, where do you find sweet, pretty, fun and sexy clothes in Second Life?  For me, it begins and ends with Nymphetamine’s.  Paeoti hasn’t released in a little while, but her store is full of gorgeous outfits from lingerie to formals.  She’s a true artist who knows how to make clothes that truly compliment a woman’s curves.  I chose an oldie, but goodie when I decided on the Whipped Cream set with the flexi add-on pack.


I could have gone totally overboard with the ballerina look, but I chose to be a little more subtle and let the outfit speak for itself.  To accent the outfit, I chose Paper Couture‘s Diamond Bow earrings; Maitreya‘s Chichi shoes (which I can’t take off!); ETD’s Anisa hair (the flexi piece came with the outfit); Tuli‘s S5 Rebel skin; and Lemon‘s Oh Marie shape.


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