Another Tarja Mashup

I read Sofia Gray’s blog today (at least, I’m pretty sure it was her blog), and she had this great dress on.  Actually, it was a mash-up of a dress from Armidi and an outfit from DE Designs called Tarja.  So, I had to go and check out this outfit.  Here’s what I did with it.


I combined it with a dress called Marlene from Cachet (Minnu Palen’s new clothing line — the store hasn’t opened yet; I say we riot if it’s not opened soon!).  I’m also wearing a harness from Minnu that you can pick up at Kyoot Army.  It normally has a gold bit where the parts of the harness intersect, but I modified it so it wouldn’t class with my Chained Heart necklace from Juju’s Closet.  For a dash of color, I added Maitreya‘s Chichi shoes, which also matched the necklace.  Finally, I wore ETD’s (store closed for remodelling) Aveda Short Bob; Minnu Model Skins Ghost skin (from the GLAM SL show, not available to the public); and a modified version of Lemon‘s Apres Moi shape.


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