Stolen Skins and Fashions DO Make Your Ass Look Fat

Yup, there’s been a rash of thievery in Second Life lately.  Many skin vendors and other talented creators have found themselves ripped off by greedy, lazy bastards who can’t be bothered to do their own work.  I’ve heard that skins can take about 20 hours to make, and that’s why they cost so much.  Fine jewelry is also very difficult to make, so it’s a popular target for the aforementioned greedy, lazy bastards.  To be sure that you aren’t purchasing stolen goods, only buy from reputable vendors and shop around.  If you go to a store and see familiar looking vendors from several different sources, odds are you’ve run across a texture thief.  Before running like hell from the greedy, lazy bastard’s store, snap a few pictures and alert the theft victims.  That way, they can check out the problem for themselves and see if there really has been a theft.  In the meantime, check out for a more complete discussion of the issue.


One response to “Stolen Skins and Fashions DO Make Your Ass Look Fat

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