Monthly Archives: February 2008

You’re So 1985

I remember simpler days when more was better.  Hair was bigger, makeup was more dramatic, and you couldn’t have enough black rubber bracelets!


I’m wearing Emery‘s 512 dress; Shop Seu‘s Kushukushu Kutsushita (leg warmers); Royal Blue‘s Fuschia Circles necklace; Curios Kitties‘ Key to My Heart earrings; Amaretto‘s Black bangles (part of $1L gift package, copied and worn on both wrists); Cake‘s Lil Diva hair; Maitreya‘s Slinky stilettos; Minnu Model Skins Pale Sid skin; and Lemon‘s Apres Moi shape (modified).



Shai Delacroix passed me some of her latest offerings and I can’t get over how gorgeous they are.  The swirling skirts remind me of the dresses worn by socialites (no, not Paris and Nicky) at charity functions in Manhattan.


In addition to Casa del Shai‘s Grecian dress, I’m wearing Muse‘s Margeurite Peacock Feather earrings; Zhao‘s Miabella shoes; Fleur‘s Vivant Modele skin; ETD‘s Vivian hair; and Lemon‘s Apres Moi shape (modified).

Giant Couture Hair

Everyone’s been blogging booN hair lately, but no one’s blogged this amazing couture gown-worthy style!  This is the ANT92 hair.  The outrageous style just begs for a larger than life gown, like Paper Couture‘s Falsetta Layered Gown, and a dramatic skin like Chai‘s Crush skin.


One Boy, One Special Boy . . .

I don’t have a boy, and since I already have my own damned shirt and tie, I guess I don’t need one!  Ha!


The top with the red tie is from Ingenue’s new One Boy outfit and the shorts are Artilleri’s new Ingrid shorts/mini.  I’m also wearing Maitreya’s Chichi shoes (someday, they will come off my feet); ETD’s Chalisa II hair; Minnu Model Skins’ York skin; and Lemon’s Oh Marie shape.  I’m tired, so it’s a no SLurl night!

Muse and Cachet, Made for Each Other

With the opening of Cachet, there’s finally clothing truly worthy of Muse jewelry! Okay, there has been clothing worthy of Muse jewelry on the grid, but just look at how beautifully Muse’s Chatelaine shoulder brooch and chain goes with Cachet’s Wednesday suit!


I’m also wearing Tesla‘s Diva heels; Coif‘s Sushi hair; Minnu Model Skins‘ Light York skin; and Lemon‘s Apres Moi (edited) shape.

Please Help Me Find Some Shoes!

I saw a pair of very high-top sneakers on a blog several days, maybe even a week, ago.  I didn’t star the shoes, and now I wish I had.  Please help me find these!  If you know where to get them, please leave a comment or IM me in-world.  Thanks!

Urban Life

I’m really loving the new designs from LaLaFooFoo at Celestial Studios!  I can’t wait for the designer to get her own shop and fill it up with her fun, girly designs!


I’m wearing LaLaFooFoo’s Chill outfit that comes with a cute sweater, tank and capris.  I’m also wearing Layer of Frost’s Handcuff belt; UnTone’s Arm band; LF Fashions’ Luft earrings; Kari’s Skull high-tops (not yet available); Diversity’s Brooklyn hair; Celestial Studios Vogue skin; and Lemon’s Oh Marie shape.  Sorry, it’s a no-SLurl day.  I’m in a bit of a rush!

By the way, check out my new about page!  I realized that I never introduced myself to you all!