Accept No Imitations!

There have been a lot of copycat thieves in Second Life lately.  Recently, my friend Caliah Lyon was hit by one who ripped off her gorgeous Claris Pearl choker prim for prim.  He then put it up for sale in his bling hell of a shop, expecting people to believe it’s his creation.  Remember, you can only buy the Claris pearl jewelry at Muse Fine Jewelry.  There, you can find the authentic choker, bracelet and earrings in both black and white pearls, with both gold and platinum (okay, she calls it silver) accents.  Don’t bother with the imitators!


In my picture, I’m wearing Muse’s Claris Pearl choker and earrings (sorry, they are hard to see); Simone!’s gorgeous new Za Za outfit; Zhao’s Bella shoes; ETD’s Sofia hair; Cake’s Jessica skin; and Lemon’s Oh Marie shape.

I’m also wearing a big headache, so no slurls tonight.  Sorry!


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