Trying Something New

I’m going to be blogging a little less in the future because I want to work on something new.  I’d like to do more location shots.  Sure, I love my Photosphere, but there are so many places I have yet to explore in SL.  Oh, and there’s also the new hair color.  What do you think?  Go with it or stick with dark auburn?  And please recommend some new locations for pictures if you can!  I’d really appreciate it.


This photo was taken among the cattails on the Straylight sim.  I’m wearing the G.L.A.M. Couture White Chiffon babydoll; Miriel‘s Casual Pearl earrings; ETD‘s Nadia hair; Celestial Studios‘ Vogue Summer skin; and Lemon‘s Oh Marie shape.


4 responses to “Trying Something New

  1. Vignette Nature Park – you might want to give it a look see.

  2. Go take pictures at acropolis, most beautiful place I’ve seen in SL

  3. I like the new hair color! It goes very well with your eyes 🙂 I have been wanting to try photos in Silent sim.

  4. Chi is a sim worth photos. very laid back, beachy/asian. They have a lot of fun little things to play with as well… ride the Turltle, Eagle, Manta Ray etc… climb the trees.. I could play there for hours.

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