Monthly Archives: January 2008

My Turn to Blog the Hair

Everyone’s been going nuts over Aden‘s new WindBlown hair.  I had to take mine over to Wolf Mountain ski resort.  I don’t really like skiing, but I do like playing in the snow.


I’m keeping warm in Cake‘s Autumn in Paris sweater (the top from the outfit of that name); LF Fashions‘ Athena jeans; my Griffe belt (help!  I don’t know who made it!); Miriel‘s Teardrop earrings; 69‘s Fringe boots; Tete a Pied‘s Vivant Apres Ski skin (see, you don’t have to ski to wear it!); and Lemon‘s Oh Marie shape (feels good to be back in my old favorite).

Femme Fatale

When Tuli passed me a review pack of her new skins with the light skin in Lace, I knew I had to blog it!  It was perfect for the Femme en Noir dress I picked up on sale at Icing, and the Succubus pumps from 69.


I’m also wearing Chapeau Tres Mignon‘s Golightly hat; Muse‘s Celine pearls; Sheer‘s Fishnets; Naughty‘s Winsome II hair; and my modified Lemon Apres Moi shape.

More Changes!

I’ve recently changed my shape for modeling.  I’m still going to stick with Oh Marie for every day, but I decided to play with another Lemon shape — Apres Moi.  I needed a shape that was taller and slimmer for modeling jobs requiring that type of body, so I modified Apres Moi (all Lemon shapes are modifiable) to make her the perfect couture runway model.


Of course I chose to wear Gracie Girl‘s new Argyle Runway outfit.  I’m also wearing Tesla‘s Diva shoes; Paper Couture‘s Logo bracelet; Caroline‘s Cotillion bracelet; Muse‘s Celine earrings; Sheer‘s Fishnets; ETD’s Luth hair; and Minnu Model Skin‘s Care skin.

Oh, Yeah, um, My Blog

Geez, I’m sorry I’ve been so neglectful. I just haven’t been very inspired lately. Anyone else a little burnt out? Well, I did find one great outfit at Icing. The Stepford Wife is a great outfit for a luxe shopping trip!  I just can’t get over the Trompe l’Oeil bows on the sweater!


I added Tesla’s Shiny Vixens; Fashionably Dead’s Grandma’s Pearl earrings; RaC’s Pearl necklace; Paper Couture’s logo bracelet; ETD’s Bonita hair (from the discount room); Cake’s Jessica skin; and Lemon’s Oh Marie shape.

Sorry for the lack of SLurls, but you can always use search!

Accept No Imitations!

There have been a lot of copycat thieves in Second Life lately.  Recently, my friend Caliah Lyon was hit by one who ripped off her gorgeous Claris Pearl choker prim for prim.  He then put it up for sale in his bling hell of a shop, expecting people to believe it’s his creation.  Remember, you can only buy the Claris pearl jewelry at Muse Fine Jewelry.  There, you can find the authentic choker, bracelet and earrings in both black and white pearls, with both gold and platinum (okay, she calls it silver) accents.  Don’t bother with the imitators!


In my picture, I’m wearing Muse’s Claris Pearl choker and earrings (sorry, they are hard to see); Simone!’s gorgeous new Za Za outfit; Zhao’s Bella shoes; ETD’s Sofia hair; Cake’s Jessica skin; and Lemon’s Oh Marie shape.

I’m also wearing a big headache, so no slurls tonight.  Sorry!

The Spoils of War

We’ve all waited on the sidelines, ready to go in, ready to fight tooth and nail.  We’ve waited to get in to the ETD and Last Call sales.  I got in, and here’s some of what I got before being buffeted out of the door.


I’m licking my wounds in the top to Last Call’s Sheryl outfit; LF Fashions’ Penny jeans; Curious Kitties’ Key to My Heart earrings and necklace; Shiny Things’ Sleek Laceup boots; ETD’s Jasmine hair; Deviant Nation’s Vogue skin; and Lemon’s Oh Marie shape.   Okay, I’m too tired and lazy to put SLurls in this post!

Trying Something New

I’m going to be blogging a little less in the future because I want to work on something new.  I’d like to do more location shots.  Sure, I love my Photosphere, but there are so many places I have yet to explore in SL.  Oh, and there’s also the new hair color.  What do you think?  Go with it or stick with dark auburn?  And please recommend some new locations for pictures if you can!  I’d really appreciate it.


This photo was taken among the cattails on the Straylight sim.  I’m wearing the G.L.A.M. Couture White Chiffon babydoll; Miriel‘s Casual Pearl earrings; ETD‘s Nadia hair; Celestial Studios‘ Vogue Summer skin; and Lemon‘s Oh Marie shape.

Slacking Blogger

Okay, I’ve been a bit of a slacker lately and I haven’t blogged every day.  I’ve been a bit tired after the holidays.  However, with all the great new hand-drawn stuff out there, I had to blog this look.


First, Roslin Petion and CJ Carnot of Tete a Pied put out a new line of boutique skins.  Their first release is the Parfait skin, which is a soft, hand drawn skin.  Not all of the boutique skins will be hand drawn, but they will all be special.  Next, SugarCube put out the adorable Happy Life Generator outfit (dress and fur collar).  The two were just made for each other!

I’m also wearing Fashionably Dead‘s Late for the Ball earrings; Lassitude & Ennui‘s Chloe flats; ETD‘s Chalisa hair (buy it now while ETD is having a huge sale!); and Lemon‘s Oh Marie shape.


Sometimes I have to get away from the paparazzi and autograph seekers.  I throw on my favorite shades, a black jacket, and some great boots that will draw attention away from my famous face.


I’m trying hard not to be noticed in CRAP‘s Crop Fur coat; Armidi‘s Long Sleeve shirt; LF Fashions‘ Ingenue jeans; Zhao‘s Sushee boots (check out the different buckles and inverted heels!); Paper Couture‘s Boulevard bag; Fashionably Dead‘s Ultimate Bugeye glasses; Muse‘s Claris Pearl earrings; Armidi’s Poynter hair; a prototype skin, yet to be released, from Blowpop; and Lemon‘s Oh Marie shape.

Super Slinky Dress

I love it when designers in SL take chances and design the kind of clothing that is practically unwearable in RL.  Jonathan Hugo of Fuse did just that with his snake-skin number, Margarida.  This sexy, slinky dress also makes jewelry optional with its gold trim and pave buckles.


Along with the dress, I’m wearing Miriel‘s Beatrice earrings (from the set) and Antiqued bracelet; Armidi Gisaci‘s Vidalia pump; Truth‘s Angel hair; LF Chai‘s Cole skin; and Lemon‘s Oh Marie shape.