Sometimes It Gets to Be Too Much

This has been one crappy day. Someone I thought was a friend has told someone that he/she couldn’t stand me and felt like a “prostitute” pretending to be my friend. You know, I got into SL, podcasting and blogging to make new friends and learn. I didn’t get into podcasting and blogging for free stuff. Often, after interviewing a designer, I add him or her as a friend. I do that because I like that person and find him or her interesting. I don’t friend people to get onto their content distribution lists or to gain “influence.” If any designer reading this is on my friends list and doesn’t want to be there, please just delete me. I would hate to have a list of “business contacts” as opposed to actual friends.


If you take me home, you get not only a free podcaster/blogger, but also Artilleri‘s new Oslo sweater; Armidi Limited‘s jeans; Shiny Things‘ new Chunky Ribbon boots (trust me);  Swallowtail‘s BW Round earrings and beaded necklace 4; Calla‘s Reed hat/hair; Minnu Model Skins‘ Pale Skin Gloss skin; and Lemon‘s Oh Marie shape.


9 responses to “Sometimes It Gets to Be Too Much

  1. What a terrible thing for someone to say :(( But honestly, if someone is willing to pretend to be friendly with you not because they like you – but to get something out of it then PFFFT on them. They will get what they deserve, which is no true friends at all. I think you’re groovy and it’s because I enjoy your podcasts and blog, not for any sway you may have over fashion minions 😉 (But seriously, don’t let it drive you to drugs, darling… I see that needle in the corner there!) O.o

  2. That was a crappy thing to say. 😦 Sorry that happened to you.

  3. Wow, that really sucks. 😦

    Just remember, it’s their shortsightedness that’s the real problem, not you.

  4. I think that bloggers and podcasters that could be said to have some influence (Real or Imagined) over the buying public are unfortunately the targets of people who will try to manipulate us rather than merely appreciate us as people.

    In any case, if such persons don’t have enough faith in their work to let it stand on its own merits then that is their own problem and nothing to do with you or anyone else. I know it’s hurtful to hear such things said about you but …try to let it roll off your back. You don’t deserve it.

  5. Sounds like your ex friend is very very jealous of you. I’m sure you have a ton of real friends, so be sure to concentrate on them and to hell with the rest 🙂 SL can be very difficult when it comes to trust..hang in there and don’t let ’em getcha down!

  6. They’re just jealous they don’t have a kitteh as wonderful as Piper.

  7. I have you as a twitter friend and not as an SL friend… what is up with THAT? 🙂 We should fix that.

  8. To put it short, Tam, eff her. We love you.

  9. That’s is horrible! People can be so cruel sometimes and I think in SL it is much easier to be so. It’s easy to forget that behind every AV there is a RL person with feelings. It’s not just a game but many people treat it like it is. Remember that just because someone is hundreds or even thousands of miles away doesn’t make them less real or less of a friend… we love ya!

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