Shabby Chic

At today’s opening of the Le Zoo sim, I went a bit crazy at Pushbutton Industries.  Apparently, Ms. Skolnick had been hoarding some goodies in her inventory, resulting in a virtual explosion of virtual new releases.  One of my favorites in the group is the Fauxristocrat suit.  Paired with the Trollop corset and Tete a Pied‘s Marlene Dietrich-inspired Novembre skin, it’s perfect for singing a torch song or two.


I’m also wearing the necklace and bracelet from Miam Miam‘s Coco set (very versatile because the metals can be changed simply by touching the objects); Fashionably Dead‘s Late for the Ball earrings; Tesla‘s Diva shoes; and Lemon‘s Oh Marie shape.


2 responses to “Shabby Chic

  1. WOW. Push is doing suits now? It looks divine, thank you for sharing your looks with us as always, divine.

  2. Pushbutton rockz!! I love all her stuff. I’m so so happy we were able to get her new flagship mainstore over in Le Zoo, and she built just about the most giantness shop I’ve ever seen, lol!! ❤ Pushy! xo -Lana Miranda

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