Am I Blue?

Not really, just wearing a cute blue outfit.  This is the new Fire Side outfit from Mischief.  I love the color because it makes such a nice contrast with my hair.  The top was a bit low cut, so I added the tank top from Mischief’s Autumn Chill top.


I’m also wearing DeLa‘s Blaire boots, that match too perfectly, and BP*‘s Crochet scarf.  Shiny Things‘ Winter Leaf earrings also work very well with this outfit.  The only things that don’t match are my eyes.  I found the greatest eyes at Eat Rice!  Ellie Celt’s eyes sell for $70L a pair.  If that sounds expensive to you, let me remind you that you get not only one pair of eyes, but also two contact lenses.  You can use those lenses to mix and match your eyes!  I’m wearing the Grey eyes and one Orange Brown contact lens.  One eye matches my outfit, the other matches my hair.  Yes, I know that I’m a doofus.  Oh, I’m also wearing Celestial Studios‘ Fall skin; Armidi‘s Poynter hair; and Lemon‘s Oh Marie shape.


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