The Perfect Fall Day

Fall is my favorite season.  I’m sure I’ve told you that before.  I love cool, crisp air with no humidity.  Of course, fall clothes are a bonus!  I wish it could be fall all year.


My outfit for a perfect fall day includes a blouse, vest and belt from Argyle‘s Glosoli outfit; Sand Shack Surf Couture‘s Scrubbed mini; Corduroy‘s Roberta leggings; KessKreations‘  Natasha Heart necklace and Right Hand White Pearl ring (both of these feature both metal and gem changing menus that you can access with a click!); Argyle’s Black Tie Pearl bracelet; Shiny Things‘ Sleek Lace-Up boots; ETD‘s Nicole hair; Celestial Studios‘ Fall skin; and Lemon‘s Oh Marie shape.


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