Mish Mash!

I’m going through all my Last Call clothes that I never wore and wondering why I never wore them!  I think it’s because they’re complete outfits, and people make fun of me if I wear outfits that have been put together by the designer, kind of like adult Garanimals.  If I were smart, and very bored, I’d separate the parts of the outfits and reorganize my inventory.


All the clothes I’m wearing are from Last Call.  The blouse and corset are from the Rebecca outfit; the undershirt is the top from the Brook outfit; and the pants are from the Kirsten outfit.  The hair is a new style from Armidi.  The more I buy there, the more I love it! This hairstyle is called St. Tropez.   I’m also wearing Tesla‘s Diva shoes; Chapeau Tres Mignon‘s Satyr necklace; Celestial Studios‘ Fall skin; and Lemon‘s Oh Marie shape.


3 responses to “Mish Mash!

  1. This outfit is fugly, please leave the gloves off, thanks.

  2. Aw! Fugly just popped my nasty anonymous comment cherry! Fugly should be very proud of itself.

  3. hmm, I think it’s pretty cute myself.

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