Blog is the New Black

I just finished a fun book by first-time novelist Valerie Stivers, Blood is the New Black.  In this book, the protagonist Kate McGraw goes to work for a teen fashion magazine called Tasty.  During the course of her work, she figures out that the editorial staff and their assistants are all vampires!  Hilarity ensues, blah blah blah, go get this book!  While I was reading the book, I couldn’t help but imagine just what the main characters would look like and what they would wear.  Here’s how I pictured Lillian Hall, Tasty‘s Editor-in-Chief.


“Lillian is wearing her jawbreaker rings and a rigorously tailored, high-collared black suit jacket, the first few buttons undone to show an almost sexy amount of bare skin.  She makes everyone else seem too dowdy, too fussy, too cheap, too something.  I don’t notice I’m staring until she’s suddenly staring back at me.  And my blood freezes.”

My Lillian is wearing Paper Couture‘s Black Orchid suit, Tete a Pied‘s gloves and Tesla‘s new Natasha stilettos.  She’s carrying  Honey Kitty‘s Winter Date bag and wearing Muse Celine pearl earrings.  Her hair is ETD‘s Aveda short bob, her skin is Tete a Pied’s Vivant Modele, and her shape is Lemon‘s Apres Moi shape.

Kate also has to contend with her new boss, Lexa Larkin, Tasty’s society pages editrix.  Lexa is “. . . a Persian-cat-faced woman with a British accent.  She has a puffy, white-blond updo and oversized black glasses and wears a plunging V-neck that sets off her sternum like plastic wrap on a chicken breast.”


My sneering Lexa is wearing Savvy?‘s Ghosts Are outfit with Savvy?’s Riding gloves.  She’s carrying the Boulevard Bag, wearing Vintage Black earrings and Sylvia glasses, all from Paper Couture.  She’s also wearing Casa del Shai Boudoir Tamara stockings; Calla‘s Knotted Pearl necklace; ETD’s Ankle Strap booties; Coif’s Artemis hair (pester Paulie Tamale for a landmark); Tete a Pied’s Vivant Dakota skin; and Lemon’s Oh Marie shape.

I had a lot more leeway with Kate herself, since the book written from her point of view, and she never really describes herself.  Here’s how I imagined Kate.


My Kate is wearing Veschi‘s Muffin Top dress; Boing Fromage!‘s Crochet Footless tights; Maitreya‘s Sassy shoes; Creamshop‘s Lily Bangle; Fashionably Dead‘s Late for the Ball earrings; Truth‘s Dakota hair; Tete a Pied’s Vin skin; and Lemon’s The Moon shape.


7 responses to “Blog is the New Black

  1. *laughs* I loved this post. Nice to see such a fresh take on blogging fashion and thank you for the mentions. Funnily enough, I have been meaning to pick up that book myself!

  2. delilahstyleschmyle

    Oh what a cool idea. I may have to try this for a few books I love. Great post!

  3. (Scythe is still the New Black)

  4. Haha, great post… and I kind of want to read the book now. And I’m sure you noticed that I have a new way of taking over your blog – having multiple items named after me.
    *waves in a queenly manner*

  5. Neat take and an interesting idea! Makes me want to do outfits for some of my fav book characters…

    I’ll have to pick that up, sounds like the type of fun vamp book along the Betsy Vampire Queen line…

  6. thanks! I just couldn’t help but think of the Coif hairstyle when Lexa’s character was introduced, and it grew from that.

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