Sunday Night is Sushi Night!

And it always ends with a big mess.  I just want to thank Grazia Horwitz for blogging Kurotsubaki!  I ran straight over there and fell in love with everything on the second floor of the main store on Koenji.

In addition to great clothes and accessories on the second floor, they have some interesting toys.  I picked up a tofu block chair.  When I sit on this tofu, or make any movement on it, it makes this great squishy noise!

To sit on my tofu, I’m wearing a combination of Kurotsubaki clothing and Bebe accessories.


My jacket, gauchos, socks, and tofu seat are all from Kurotsubaki.  My Food Fight hat, Sushi Plate chestpiece, and Norimaki earrings are all from Bebe.  I’m also wearing Shiny Things‘ Ruffle boots; ETD‘s Cora hair; Tete a Pied‘s Vivant Paon 4 skin (a special group freebie to celebrate the TaP group surpassing 500 members — congratulations, Roslin and CJ!); and Lemon‘s Oh Marie shape.


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