How Pixel Dolls Saved My Bare Rose Outfit

Like everyone else, I love the new round-neck tunics from Bare Rose.  They’re absolutely adorable.  But every AO I had made my hips and/or bum poke through the tunic prims.  I was at a loss, until I remembered my Empire Dress AO from PixelDolls that came with the Innocent Dans L’Amour set.  That AO kept my torso from bending in a way that ruined the lines of the tunic top.


Along with Bare Rose‘s Tunic top, I’m wearing Devilish Cupcake‘s Claire turtleneck (the neck prim of this turtle is worn on your chin, so you can still wear a necklace or scarf that attaches to your chest or spine!!!!); LF Fashions‘ Trusty jeans; Swallowtail‘s Full-prim choker and Orange Bead earrings; Shiny Things‘ Comfy boots; Naughty Designs‘ Maya II hair; Tuli‘s S4 skin; and Lemon‘s Oh Marie shape.

Of course, it would hardly be fair to talk about Pixel Doll’s Empire dress AO without showing the gorgeous Innocent Dans L’Amour dress.  The dress alone is worth the low price of $400L, but when you see that it comes with everything you need to outfit your avatar (except for shoes),  you’ll realize what a huge bargain it is!


Along with the Pixel Dolls’ Innocent Dans L’Amour dress, I’m wearing Miriel‘s Beatrice necklace and earrings; Tuli’s S4 skin; ETD‘s Anisa hair; and Lemon’s Oh Marie shape.


One response to “How Pixel Dolls Saved My Bare Rose Outfit

  1. thank u again^^
    you look very cute:D

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