Who Am I? Why Am I Here? Why Are You Reading This?

These past couple of days, I’ve stopped to think about why I have this blog and why this blog is the way it is. Quite simply, I have this blog because I love Second Life fashions. Second Lifers are an incredibly creative and expressive group of people. I can’t believe the diversity of style and the amount of talent in world. Seriously, designers, bloggers, and other residents inspire me every day. I only hope that my blog reflects even a small slice of what is available to fashion lovers in Second Life.

I also want to learn more about Second Life fashion. Since I began reading the SL fashion blogs, I’ve learned about so many great designers and stores. For example, the Japanese designers in Second Life are astounding! From BP* to The Closet to Pochette to Creamshop . . . I could go on forever. In real life, I don’t have access to Japanese designs, and I doubt they’d fit my chubby RL self.

I feel the same way about couture-inspired designs in SL. I was discussing the impact of Ginny’s passing with a friend, who compared it to the loss of Gianni Versace in real life fashion. Unlike Versace, Last Call was something that was worn by a large number of SL residents where only a select few in RL can afford Versace. I believe that the loss of Ginny will have a bigger impact on SL fashion than Versace’s passing did on RL fashion, because in SL, more people can afford and fit into couture-inspired designs.

Finally, I really want to learn more about SL photography. I don’t have and, frankly, can’t afford, Photoshop, so my pictures in SL will never be that fabulous. However, with input from so many of you, I believe my pictures are improving. Please keep up the constructive criticism! I appreciate any advice you can give me about my photos.

Okay, so I’ve gone over why I do this, now I’ll examine why I do it the way I do it. Oh, and thanks for bearing with me. I’m getting a little wordy because I’m going “stream-of-consciousness” here. I’m sure that you’ve noticed my blog is very positive. No, my mother wasn’t a cartoon bunny whose philosophy was “if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.” I also don’t believe that you catch more flies with honey than with vinegar. I don’t want flies. They are icky.

I want to share the great designers that I’ve found, from the well-known to the obscure. I’m not here to criticize. A good friend and very well-respected designer asked me why I don’t provide constructive criticism in this blog. I told her that I have two reasons. First, I’m not a content creator. I had a hard enough time making my sad pink skybox (yes, Jellybean, it’s pink satin!). Therefore, I don’t feel competent enough to critique the work of others. Sure, I’ve featured designs with visible seams, prim pieces that don’t fit perfectly, etc. But I featured them because I really liked them. Until I’m fully assured that making seams line up perfectly is the easiest thing evah, I won’t point out mis-matched seams. I also won’t critique prim work, etc. I will show you what I think is unique, beautiful, amusing, and eye-catching.

Second, I don’t offer constructive criticism here because I’ve seen comments turn into blood-baths. I’m afraid that if my criticism nicks a vein and draws blood, it could turn into a feeding frenzy. I just don’t think that my blog is an appropriate forum for that. I will provide a designer with constructive criticism if they ask for it, and I will do it privately in IMs or email. I will also do it respectfully and make sure the designer knows that I don’t have the skills to produce content myself.

Now, there are blogs that do critique that I happen to enjoy. I look forward to posts at Shopping Cart Disco and SL Fashion Police. Both of these blogs critique SL content and the residents who consume it. However, the ladies at SCD produce content themselves and I believe that puts them in a better position to critique it. The officers on the SL Fashion Police force critique the way residents wear SL designs. Remember, however, that Chief TheDiva Rockin was Going Broke’s very first Avatar of Style. She has more style in her avie’s little finger than I have in my whole me! If she and her force wish to point out the oddities walking the grid, more power to them.

So, in the end, I hope to give you a daily, semi-daily, or bi-daily dose of sunshine, lollipops and rainbows. If you like it, great! Thanks! If not, you don’t have to read it. Now, time for my daily picture! This outfit is made up of separates from GRANDMA! on Osaka.


The top is part of the new Vintage Kilt coat. The skirt is the new Winter Rose Tweed skirt, and the thigh highs are the new Bird socks. I’m also wearing Shiny Things‘ Flare oxfords; Royal Blue‘s Pocket Watch necklace; Fashionably Dead‘s Grandma’s Pearl earrings; Calla‘s Lichen hair;  Soda‘s Andrea skin; Lemon‘s Oh Marie shape; and Hose Queen‘s sock monkey!

This outfit reminds me of a little ensemble I put together when I was a little girl staying at my grandparents’ house. I was their only grandchild, so I was tremendously spoiled. In addition to not having to brush my hair, I didn’t have to wear matching clothes when I was there. The sun shined out of my bottom; I could do no wrong in that house. So, they just got back from a trip to Hawaii and they brought me a MuMu with beautiful orange and yellow flowers all over it. It was my first long dress and I was so excited about it! When Grandpa announced we were going to a local deli for dinner, I slipped the MuMu over my head and I was good to go. But it was a bit cold outside, and the dress had short sleeves. I added my favorite sweater. It was a rainbow striped knit hoodie that must have looked fantabulous with the MuMu. Knowing me, I accessorized with pop-beads in various shades of pink. Off we went, Grandpa, Grandma and me, with my technicolor dream-outfit and unbrushed hair. People stared at me. I just assumed they thought I was super stylish. They just thought I needed adult supervision when dressing myself.

Well, as I’ve gotten older, I sometimes lapse into those ways. Outfits from Last Call always made me feel put-together, stylish, polished, and elegant. In SL, Ginny was my adult supervision. I’m going to miss rushing home from work to get new releases, and I regret not really knowing Ginny the way others in SL did.


10 responses to “Who Am I? Why Am I Here? Why Are You Reading This?

  1. Hi there!

    I read the Fashion Planet feed several times a day and I really enjoy your blog. The title is a lot of fun because of the added joke about SL system skirts and I like the clothes you select to photograph.

    I’m sorry it took an introspective post from you to get me to say something kind, but I thought you should know that you have a reader that is a fan. 🙂 (The good kind, not the scary kind!)

  2. Thank you so much for your blog, and you make an excellent point about how much more widely felt the passing of a fashion designer is in SL…

    You might wish to consider the GIMP if the cost of Photoshop is prohibitive. (It certainly is for me!)

  3. The problem with not mentioning visible seams for example is that you might encourage someone to buy something that is poorly made – perhaps something you have been given to you to feature and perhaps something even priced far too high for the quality. That’s happened here before. Poorly fit prims is the wearer’s fault so that’s not a concern.

    So while it’s nice you have qualified what your blog is, you have asked to be put on the feed and put yourself in a position where people are expecting you to be honest. What you have basically just said is, I blog what I like and won’t tell you if there are any errors so you best not look here for advise on what to buy.

    As for your photos, they’re perfectly fine. You don’t need photoshop to have good pictures.

  4. Being someone who is both a content creator and a fashion blogger (and admittedly not all that great at it). I totally understand your point of view. I consider myself lucky to be a part of Closet Crisis, because we take the exact same view on fashion in SL. It’s all about fun for us, and finding those items that make us squeal with delight like the doofs we are.

    I think you are doing a fantastic and extremely fun job. Like “A Fan!” said up there, your name is hilarious to me, because it’s a take on the first thing we think as women, even if it’s just a headband.

    You always have the funniest things to say about whatever your outfit is. Most importantly, I love that you take on many different styles from quirky to sexy, as well as the much loved high fashion look. Keep up the great work, cause I for one am totally entertained and look forward to your posts with muh morning coffee! ^_^

  5. Anon 11:53:

    I see your point about not mentioning mismatched seams. However, if the seams are horribly mismatched, I probably won’t like the item enough to blog it. The flaw would also probably show in pictures.

  6. I like your blog as well. Thank you for your time in taking photos, thinking about an item, and discussing and sharing it with the world. You don’t have to do that, and I appreciate your time in doing it. Thank you, again.
    <3, Kessie

  7. Thanks for this post! I feel like you were speaking for me too since you spoke out loud so many things I keep in my head. I really enjoy your blog and you’ve turned me on to several shops.

    Sometimes I feel like I’m just blogging to myself but I guess it brings me joy. It’s a fun game; searching for awesomeness and making pretty pictures about it. **sigh**

    Thanks for blogging. I appreciate your eye, your love, and your effort. ❤

  8. i like your blogg very much!

  9. I think it’s really unfortunate that time and time again people who blog SL fashion are driven to write posts justifying what they blog or why they choose the items they do. It’s a personal blog wherein you take pictures of yourself wearing your latest finds. You’re not obligated to give accurate criticism here, if that is all you’re doing is displaying an outfit. A photo with credits, does not a review make. However, if you were offering buying advise or advocating that your site represented a magazine or other piece of “unbiased” journalism, then the standard would be different.

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