It’s Still Cold Outside!

I’m not sure why I’m so surprised about that.  It’s November and I live in Chicago, IL, USA.  So, yeah, it’s cold out.  Of course, it could be 70 degrees Fahrenheit tomorrow, but today, it’s chilly!  Thankfully, a Going Broke listener named Demelza Beaumont told Daphne about Pochette, and Daph passed that info on to me!


I’m wearing Pochette’s Diagonal Pleat skirt, Knit jacket, Nep Knit socks (freebie!), and Simple muffler.  So cute and cozy!  When I tp’d in, I almost started hyper-ventillating from the cute!  I’m also wearing Olive & Violet’s Red Paisley shoulder bag from Red Rabbit Couture; Shiny Things‘ Flare oxfords; Studio Sidhe‘s Thai Silk cami; ETD‘s Bonita hair; Mad About‘s Diamond Dewdrop earrings; Tete a Pied‘s Vin skin; and Lemon‘s Oh Marie shape.


3 responses to “It’s Still Cold Outside!

  1. *waves hi at fellow Chicago neighbor*

    Great look!

  2. Elisabeth Beurling

    I can’t thank you enough for wearing my purse and blogging about it! The entire outfit is adorable. Thanks again.

  3. Hey, shall I tell you how I found Pochette? I saw someone walk past wearing the Autumn skirt and thought “wow”. A quick right click on the prim skirt … More -> Inspect … and it shows up the Creator name. Looked up Mana Grut’s profile, and there was Pochette in her Picks.

    BTW, be careful when you do this. I’ve had an embarrassing moment when my finger slipped, and I offered friendship instead. Having to explain to an AV standing 30 feet away that you were just checking out her shoes … well, you just have to brazen it out.

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