Feeling Like a Super Hero!

When I was little and I watched Batman, I really wanted a utility belt that would have whatever I wanted whenever I wanted it!  There are lots of belts like that here in SL, but Creation Manna‘s really has what a girl needs.  Let’s see, there’s a lipstick, a deck of cards, a fan, a lunchbox, and a grenade.  I’d say that covers just about anything I could come across in an average day in SL.


Along with Creation Manna’s Retro belt, I’m wearing a tee shirt, sweater, and gloves from Dutch Touch‘s Iris outfit, with Clamdiggers from the AlleyCat outfit.  I’m also wearing Roberta’s leggings from Corduroy; Beckenbauer‘s Oi boots; Miriel‘s Teardrop earrings; Swallowtail‘s Full Prim choker; Hiccup‘s Long Mess hair; Karamia‘s light skin; and Lemon‘s Oh Marie shape.


One response to “Feeling Like a Super Hero!

  1. Thank you so much for bloggin bout my jewelry:D

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