Hold Me Closer, Tiny Dancer

Okay, it was either that or “She’s a Maniac, Maaaaaaaaaaaaniac On the Floor.”  What would you have chosen?  Really.  So, my new friend Launa Fauna has put out a new line of skins called Chai and they’re gorgeous!  I’m a pale girl, so I really appreciate the creaminess of the Sugar tone.  I purposefully didn’t take a close-up here so you’d have to go and check them out yourself!


I’m also wearing some great ballet gear from Pixel Dolls and Last Call.  The leotard and tights are from Pixel Dolls’ Ballet Practice Wear outfit, and the shrug is from Last Call’s Lorie outfit.   The legwarmers are from lilolOops and the adorable ballet slippers are the Penny edition from Shiny Things.  Of course, I had to wear the Claire Ballet slippers pendant from Muse, and since I had to wear my hair in a bun, I chose ETD‘s Alina.  Finally, I had to keep my my old faithful Oh Marie shape from Lemon!


2 responses to “Hold Me Closer, Tiny Dancer

  1. I am absolutely IN LOVE with Launas new skins. I’ve been a Lovey skin addict for ages, but since there are no new makeups coming from her I’ve searched high and low for a skin that I really love. Spent a crapload of money on skins that are pretty, but none had given me that crazy lovely KABLAMM feeling, but these did! Love them, love, love, love! I cant wait for her to start pumping out some new makeups (green eyeshadow plees).
    It’s sad, so sad, but this really made my day. 😉

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