She’s Back! She’s Back! She’s Back!!!!

I was beginning to go through ETD withdrawal waiting for ETD and the rest of the quad to reopen!  Elikapeka Tiramisu sent her group this adorable new style in 10 colors to help us with the DT’s we were surely about to face.


The new style is called Lydia and it has yet to be released.  I’m also wearing Tete a Pied‘s new Novembre tuxedo and Miriel‘s Blossom jewelry.   Finally, I’ve chosen Cake‘s Sierra skin and Lemon‘s Oh Marie shape.  Now, ladies, please make more stuffs for your fans like me!  Our Lindens are burning holes in our pockets!


2 responses to “She’s Back! She’s Back! She’s Back!!!!

  1. Love that hair!!

    (Weird… I am in ETD group and didn’t get it)

  2. Candy Cerveau

    I really need to go take a look at Cake’s skins… this is the second one you’ve done that I’ve just loved! The freckles are great on it 🙂

    I like the hair too! Cute look with the tux. I didn’t get it either and I’m in the ETD group… strange.

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