Merci Beaucoup, Paeoti!

Remember the good old days when Paeoti Pomeray put out new designs for Nymphetamine‘s on a regular basis?  I’m thinking those days could be back!  Right on the heels of her fabulous In Effect set, she’s put out the Merci Salsa dress (and a Merci lingerie set).  Once again, this outfit is perfect for curvy avies like me, and will create the illusion of curves for slimmer avies thanks to Pae’s expert shading.   Also, the ornate neckline means that you don’t have to wear jewelry — perfect for those of us who are accessorily-challenged.


Throw on a hot pair of stilettos, like Zhao‘s Sadies and you’re good to go!  I’m also wearing ETD‘s Lannah hair; my Tete a Pied custom skin (the nighttime version); and Lemon‘s Oh Marie shape.  Et, voila!


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