Another Casual Day

Since I’m home sick, I just want to be comfortable.  Okay, it’s kind of silly that I’m dressing my avie in comfortable clothes when comfort isn’t really a factor in SL fashion, but just looking at my avie in comfortable clothes makes me more comfortable.


I’m wearing one of my new favorite pairs of jeans, Nylon Outfitters‘ Sequin Heart jeans.  Dakota told me about these and how she loves how they seem to hug your hips.   I just love the adorable sequin hearts on the back pockets!  MG Fashion‘s soft knit shrug also just hits the spot today.  It’s relaxed shape and soft puffy sleeves are perfect for relaxing.  I’m also wearing Argyle‘s Tintable Lace cami (comes with the Aurora Crochet sweater); Nymphetamine‘s Mentonka Lace-up Leather clogs (Comfortable heels?  Yes!!); Muse‘s Claire Ballet Slipper necklace and Celine pearl earrings; Truth‘s Angel hair (comfortably messy, and cute!); Cake‘s Jessica skin; and Lemon‘s Oh Marie shape.

3 responses to “Another Casual Day

  1. Candy Cerveau

    aw! hope you feel better soon 🙂 Love those clogs… paeoti needs to get those made in RL =D

  2. i’m very happy that my shrug helped you feeling more confortable and relaxed!
    get well, take care and thank you for choosing MG fashion

  3. I love this pic pretty much.

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