Does This Make My Ass Look Warm?

I’m freezing today.  Absolutely freezing.  It’s November in the Midwestern United States, and my building’s heat is off while they replace a gas pump.  Hoooooooray!!!!!!!   At least I can be warm in SL thanks to BettiePage Voyager.


I’m wearing the cozy and cuddly BP* Short Duffle coat, Tartan skirt, and Angry Rabbit legwarmers.  While that was a good start, I still felt the need to wear my 141 fur muffler; Savvy? Riding gloves; Corduroy‘s Roberta’s leggings; Shiny Things‘ Flare oxfords; Violet Voltaire’s Cameo Butterfly earrings; Tete a Pied‘s Vivant Automne skin;  ETD’s Vivian hair; and Lemon‘s Oh Marie shape.


3 responses to “Does This Make My Ass Look Warm?

  1. zOMG, thank you! ^_^ You blogging me makes my ass feel warm. Ok scratch that, ’cause it just sounds wrong! It makes my insides feel like sunshine jelly! You however very much so DO look all roasty toasty indeed!

  2. Candy Cerveau

    cute cute! Totally something I would wear in RL 🙂 I only wish it were cold enough here to think about wearing something like it.. :/

  3. I totally agree Candy! That outfit is adorable and I would wear it in a minute in RL. Makes me want to go out and get some nice fluffy red yarn so I can knit up a scarf like that!

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