My Custom Skin!!!

Master makeup artist Roslin Petion of Tete a Pied came up with a brilliant strategy for giving people custom skins:  choose already existing colors and features from existing skins and combine them for something unique!  I chose my favorite features from my favorite new Vivant skins and Ros made me this gorgeous flushed skin that’s just for me!


Another designer who has decided to cater to those who wish to have something unique is Grace Winnfield  of Gracie.  Her new Exclusively Grace line features designs that come in limited editions of 100.  Because these are limited editions, you have to remember to “take” your purchase!  The outfit that I’m wearing is called Heidi and it’s perfect with my new flushed skin!

I’m also wearing Cake‘s Wish hair; Shiny Things‘ Clompies; and Lemon‘s Oh Marie shape.


One response to “My Custom Skin!!!

  1. chrisy jewell

    wow!I love the Heidi outfit, so detailed (isnt the movement of the skirt just lovely?)…. And i’m so happy i finally found a limited edition dress (me in vain)!Thakns Tamara, thanks Gracie!

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