I Don’t Usually Do This, But . . .

I’m giving you all a view of my backside. How else would you see the lace-up details on these new Nymphetamine’s stockings? Not to mention the garter belts that show Paeoti’s curve-consciousness! I remember her saying that she knew how to design for curves when Daphne and I interviewed her on Going Broke way back when we first began the show. Here, you can see how the garter belts are drawn to curve around my curves. I’m sure that there are designers out there who would have drawn them straight and just counted on an avie’s shape to take care of curving them, but Paeoti Pomeray isn’t one of those designers. Every detail in her new In Effect mix and match set is lovingly drawn. I love all of Pae’s designs, but this one is truly special.


I also wanted to show a side of Roslin Petion’s Tete a Pied Vivant Boudoir skins I wouldn’t usually show you. This skin is perfect for showing off your curves. The shading emphasizes feminine curves by not over emphasizing bone structure. Frankly, I think that this skin along with Haver Cole’s Lemon Oh Marie shape makes my ass look spectacular! Of course, the lift I’m getting from Melanie Zhao’s Zhao Sadie shoes helps! Oh, and did anyone notice that I’ve gone blonde today? That’s Elikapeka Tiramisu’s ETD Jessica hair, and the perfect buttery blonde shade is called Sunny.


One response to “I Don’t Usually Do This, But . . .

  1. I love Nymphetamine with a passion that might just be a bit unclean 😉

    I like the blond! What’s next? Perhaps a nice raven shade? I almost always stick to red, but sometimes its fun to branch out and try a different look. All the fun, and none of the color damage!

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