After my trip to visit Daph on Edloe, I’m very tired.  So, I slipped into something more comfortable to relax a bit.  Of course, it’s getting a bit chilly, so I had to bundle up.


Camilla Yosuke of Insolence sent me her new Laure outfit.  This beautiful corset and garters ensemble comes in five colors and is accented with the most adorable tiny bows!  I also wore the jacket from Casa del Shai‘s Le Smoking Croc Tux for men, just to stay warm, of course.  This outfit also comes with a big, soft fur collar, coat tails, and of course, a dress shirt, tie and trousers.  However, I didn’t want to completely cover Camilla’s delicate lace.  The silky crocodile jacket already covers the touchable velvet panels in back!

I’m also wearing Lassitude & Ennui‘s Irina necklace and earrings; Zhao‘s Miabella stilettos; ETD‘s Lannah hair; Celestial Studios‘ Classic Glitter skin; and Lemon‘s Oh Marie shape.


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