Who’s Yer Nana?

Another trip to GRANDMA!, another great retro look! The dress is actually called retro-HONEY, though my Grandma called me Dolly or Darling Dearie.

By the way, my friend Madison Carnot and I were just chosen to be FACES models and we couldn’t be more excited! I look forward to working with all of the others who were chosen as well as FACES management and staff. But for now, I’m one smokin’ Granny!


Along with retro-DOLLY, er, ah retro-HONEY, I’m wearing 1-800-Bettie‘s Tango sandals; Yummy’s Vintage Rose Locket (I believe they may be closed while something is happening on the Tableau sim — if anyone knows if they’ve relocated, please let me know!); Fashionably Dead‘s Grandma’s Pearl earrings; Artilleri‘s Greta glasses; Calla‘s Sage hair; Cake‘s Sierra skin; and Lemon‘s Oh Marie shape.


One response to “Who’s Yer Nana?

  1. Congrats on the FACES model thing XD

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