Mars Needs Women!!

Having been spurned by the last of Earth’s available men, I’ve decided to take drastic action. Yes, I’m moving to Mars! Today, before a party, a friend with great news to celebrate had a green skin from Nomine sent my way.  I figured, what the hell?


The skin is a Nomine Aether skin in Shamrock.  The party and my impending interplanetary move were also great reasons to break out one of my absolute favorite dresses, *C5* Category 5 Boutique‘s Face on Mars dress.   The detail on this dress is incredible.  The belt and bracelets seem to be photosourced ceramic work, and I love the stitching on the applique.  You can tell a lot of care and love went into making this amazing gown!  And you have to love a gown that comes with its own earrings, mask and air tube!

I finished the look off with Tesla‘s Shiny Vixen shoes in gold; ETD‘s Alina hair; and Lemon‘s Oh Marie shape.

Wish me luck!


2 responses to “Mars Needs Women!!

  1. Woot – Looking good!

    Welcome to Mars!

  2. Trinity Hartunian

    Thank you Tamara!
    I used a metallic texture on on the belt and created the belt from scratch.

    I also put the Face on Mars Dress back up in the store.


    Here’s an updated SLURL too
    *C5* Category 5 Boutique, Dangun (181, 241, 58)

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