New Designer Alert!!

I was at a party this weekend when I got an IM from someone I’d never met before. Her name was Iota Ultsch and she wanted to show me her new designs in her new boutique. I was reluctant to leave the party, but the more she told me about her background, the more intrigued I became. Not only was she a designer, but an architect as well. After talking in IMs for a little while, she teleported me to her store on the Slutstleria sim (

The store, built by Ms. Ultsch, looks like an haute couture boutique. She told me that it was her goal to have anyone who entered feel important, and with spacious offices on one side of the build, and the boutique on the other, she has succeeded! At the moment, she has five designs in vendors in her store. The store isn’t officially open, and she hopes to have fifteen to twenty designs when she does open.


To give you an idea of what Iota is creating, she took several pictures of me in her Elder Lace Dress. This stunning dress comes as two layers of lace and mesh with a beautiful flowy skirt and a lacquer and pave diamond choker designed to look like a priest’s collar. An extra waist band is also included in case you decide to skip the skirt and wear the outfit as a catsuit.


In addition to the Tres Jolie Elder Lace Dress, I’m wearing S. Olbers Midnight Pumps; Muse’s Celine earrings; ETD’s Lannah hair; Tete a Pied Vivant Biba skin; and Lemon’s Oh Marie shape.


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