Must I Always Be the Last to Know?

Today, I finally found the Tree of SL.  This is a lovely store that reminds me of Anthropologie in every way, except I can afford the clothes and they fit like a glove!  Quinlan Quimby sells lovely little dresses, flirty skirts, fanciful shoes, darling jewelry and fun bags!


The dress is Tree of SL‘s Purple Rain Umbrella dress and the boots, which match so well, are Maitreya‘s Bloom boots in violet.  I’m also wearing {JUNK}‘s Tribal Horn earrings; Paper Couture‘s Bee ring; Artilleri‘s Rita hair; Celestial Studios‘ Vogue Fall skin; and Lemon‘s Oh Marie shape.

Guys, in the future, please tell me about this stuff!!!!!  Thanks!


One response to “Must I Always Be the Last to Know?

  1. Ow!! A pity…. you just missed her great show at the Ewing Fashion Week last monday… But for great pics, look at the blog
    And don’t miss the other impressive shows! See you there!!

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