Dresseus Maximus

Anyone besides me remember maxi dresses from the seventies?  My cousins up in Detroit used to wear these amazing maxi dresses that absolutely covered them from neck to toe, sometimes beyond — hey, we’re a family of short women.  I remember pouring over their prom and sweet sixteen party pictures when I was little and being so jealous of their fabulous long dresses and long sleek hair.  Looking back, I’d have to imagine that their father must have loved this fashion development after the minis of the sixties.  Cousin Herbert, this one’s for you!!


This maxi is Cashmere’s Pompe dress that I’m wearing with Shiny Things’ Sleek Laceup boots, which you can’t see under this maxi unless your avie is about seven feet tall!  I’m also wearing Last Call’s Casbah jewelry set, which was a group giftie from a while ago; Armidi Milano II hair (yes, I finally gave in and bought Armidi hair); Celestial Studios’ Fall 4 skin; and Lemon’s Oh Marie shape.


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