Two Faces of Eve(ningwear)

Yay for bad puns! I started this post because I have a question for everyone: how do you photograph white clothing so that you can see the details? I bought this gorgeous white nightie from Edelweiss and I just couldn’t get the settings quite right to show off the details. I set all the lights in my photosphere on the “warm” setting, and I even moved the sun behind me. Here’s my result:


I’m also wearing Calla’s Lichen hair; Celestial Studios’ Fall skin; and Lemon’s Oh Marie Shape.

In this next picture, I’m okay with the lighting, but I’ve been told that it would look better if I observed the “rule of thirds.” That’s where you look at your space as though it were a tic-tac-toe board, and place your subject on one of the four places where the lines cross. Then, if you have any negative space, the subject should be looking into it. What do you think?


I wore this outfit to the opening of the KMADD Enterprise sim this evening.  Kirk and Maddox have made a sim dedicated to men’s fashion with an emphasis on quality and style.  I’m very excited for them and wish them both all the best!  Since it was a red-carpet event, I had to dress to the nines!  Also, I’d been waiting for the right occasion to wear Muse’s Chatelaine shoulder brooch and chain!

In this picture, I’m wearing Simone!’s Crawford gown; Calla’s Lucerne hair; Muse’s Celine earrings and Chatelaine chain set; Tete a Pied’s Vivant Paon skin; and Lemon’s Oh Marie shape.


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