White After Labor Day!

In the United States, it’s a fashion no-no to wear white pants or shoes after Labor Day.  It’s well after Labor Day and here I am with my white pants and shoes!  Take me to out-dated fashion laws jail!  At least I’ll have my new Calla Lucerne hair to keep me warm!


I just hope they let me keep my love.love.love pink silk blouse; Nylon outfitters white dress pants; Tesla Gwyneth shoes; LF Fashions Luft earrings; Caroline’s Josephine Cameo ring; Tete a Pied Vivant Paon skin; and Lemon Oh Marie shape!


4 responses to “White After Labor Day!

  1. Since you’re pixelated, you are out of reach of the RL fashion police. They were ready to dispatch troops until I fully explained the situation. I will have to consult with Officer Rockin to see what SL laws apply.

    Just know that I am quietly judging those white pants (even if they *are* fabulous!).

  2. Ok, ok, I know you probably don’t mean the wearing white thing seriously BUT, for the benefit of your readers, I’d like to point out a few things about the old wearing white rule. It’s never really been applicable to clothing, it was supposed to only be meant for shoes and even that has long been thrown out the window. Besides, luckily for us, SL has no seasons. So rest assured, you look fabulous and faux pas free.

  3. Don’t worry, I’ll send the troops after Ros now too. Somewhere my mother has just passed out. 😉

  4. I’d like to confess, I too wore white today – Silver and White and was loving every minute of it! Not to mention when I was in Cali a few weeks ago I wore white pants & shoes!

    I believe the white after Labor day was officially abolished in 2004, but I will have our staff librarian confirm and get back to you.

    For now, you are free to carry on about your business. (btw, you look fabulous!)

    ~Officer D. Rockin

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