Putting Myself Back Out There!

Now that I’m back on the market in SL, I have to look the part.  Digit Darkes came out with a gorgeous cropped fur jacket and I thought that was a good place to start.  Next, it was off to the KaDeWe opening to see the new Zhao store along side the new Nicky Ree and Casa del Shai shops.  Melanie’s sure done a great job!  Just look at my feets!


I’m wearing Digit Darkes’ Fur Bomb Crop Jacket; Tart’s Ultra Mini; Zhao’s Miabella shoes; Casa del Shai’s Tamara stockings; Govindira Galatea’s Leather 8 Garters; Lynx’s Kitty belly charm; Tete a Pied’s Vivant Paon skin; Deviant Kitties’ Anette hair; and Lemon’s Oh Marie shape.

Here I come!


2 responses to “Putting Myself Back Out There!

  1. Uhm… Tam… are we trying to pick up a worthwhile man, or are we looking for a nightcap with a blingtard? Looks like you’re searching for the latter of the two.

  2. Tenshi – You couldn’t be more wrong.

    Although I am concerned about the cab-meter on the front door post. The scripts aren’t well-written and it’s lagging the sim.

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