Shopping Is Hard!!

Seriously, I’m worn out.  Lately there have been so many great new items out on the grid, and I feel like I just can’t keep up.  I’m so glad I have Luth Brodie’s pose chair from Reel Expressions so I can sit and rest my tired feet.  I’m also glad to have comfortable clothes from Dutch Touch!


I’m wearing Dutch Touch’s new Pippi outfit.  What I really love about Dutch Touch clothes is the pieces of the outfits can be mixed and matched thanks to their common color scheme.  I’ve added Pushbutton Industries’ Ouija Board jewelry and Amp Cable Wrap; Refuge’s Incidental Heels; Cake’s Savannah hair; American Apparel’s tube socks (sorry, but I believe they left SL!); Tete a Pied’s Vivant Blush Paon 3 skin; and Lemon’s Oh Marie shape.

Would you have done anything differently here?  Please let me know!  I’m doing this blog to learn more about fashion and photography, not just to publicly catalog my inventory.  Thanks!


3 responses to “Shopping Is Hard!!

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  2. I think you’re getting better all the time….only thing I’d change is adding SLURL’s. People like that XD

  3. Thanks, Phoenix, I’ll try to include them. I’m just so darned lazy!

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