I Clean Up Pretty Well, Don’t I?

As you’ve seen before, sometimes I just like to kick back and wear comfy stuffs that I like, mixing together pieces that don’t really match. Hell, sometimes “beauty before comfort” just doesn’t do it for me. Sorry, Swirly, but that’s true. The other day when Iris Seale dropped some of Punch Drunks new skull thermals on me, I couldn’t wait to take off whatever pinchy, itchy concoction I was wearing at the time and slip on some cozy.


I threw on some of Armidi Limited’s new metallic tights (and no, I didn’t buy any hair, though I may go back for one later); Kari’s Skull high tops (which may or may not be available for sale now, Menno gave me a few pairs to play with); Pushbutton Industries Mystic Prophet Ouija Board Planchette earrings (these are some of my favorites!); ETD’s Elika II hair; Celestial Studios Vogue Fall 4 skin; and Lemon’s Oh Marie shape.

While I was being all comfy and cozy, Sachi Vixen came out with Adam ‘n Eve’s Rose Gown and passed me one. How could I resist that? Honestly, look at the antique silver lace trim with its rubies? What could I do? I just had to get in gear and get full-on “balls to the wall pretty,” as Maria Bamford would say.


Isn’t it amazing what a hot shower and a hairbrush can do for a girl? In addition to the Adam ‘n Eve Rose gown, I’m wearing Muse’s Celine pearl necklace and Claris pearl bracelet; Influence by Naughty’s Angel V hair; Minnu Model Skin’s Pale SkinGloss Teacher skin; and Lemon’s ApresMoi shape.


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