That’s MS. Medusa to You!

Tete a Pied’s Gothique collection came out this week. These are serious goth skins; the make-up is Roslin Petion’s usual perfection. These aren’t for a highs-schooler who want to rebel against Mommy and Daddy, these are for serious creatures of the night who don’t have to worry about curfews and getting the cars back on time.


The skin I’m wearing in this picture is the Vivant Gothique Siren 1 skin over Lemon’s new ApresMoi shape. The hair is Zsazsa’s Exotic Diva wig re-dyed a deeper black. I’m also wearing Simone!’s Ebony gown and Lassitude & Ennui’s Irina necklace.


For something a little different, try the Vivant Gothique Amanda skin with its exotic brows and matte lips.


One response to “That’s MS. Medusa to You!

  1. Holy Shizzle! It’s Amanda from the Dresden Dolls!!! I love her so damn much! *runs off squealing to go shopping*

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