No Good Very Bad Horrible Day!!!

SL is freaking out on me today. The lag is making it impossible to shop! I can’t even download the new version with all of Linden Labs’ “fixes.” All I could do is sit and pout. Though it did help to have some great shoes!


The shoes are Gwyneth shoes from Tesla, aren’t they adorable? I’m so excited about three new shoe designers in Second Life: Tesla Miles of Tesla, Melanie Zhao of Zhao, and Camilla Yosuke of Insolence. Watch here for more of all of their hot new designs, and be sure to listen to Second Style Stylecast because I’m sure they will figure prominently in a future episode!

I’m also wearing Adored’s Olivia dress; Muse’s Dauphine earrings and necklace (can you believe that these were a group freebie?); ETD’s Cora hair; Celestial Studio’s Fall 3 skin; and Lemon’s Oh Marie shape. Actually, that’s not all I’m wearing, I haven’t given any credit for my eyes or eyelashes (thanks to my friend Madison Carnot, I’m actually wearing well-fitted eyelashes!).


My eyes are Eat Rice!’s Toast Thief eyes, and I’m wearing two pairs of eyelashes! One is Minnu Model Skins’ Photoshoot set and the other is Sin Skin’s Fluff set. Why not wear both at once? The Minnu lashes attach to my mouth and the Sin Skin’s lashes attach to my nose. When I put on a hat that knocks off one set of lashes, I’m still covered!


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