Granny Panties!!!!

Today, I just want to be comfortable. I really can’t be bothered with putting together a “look.” Right now, comfort is key.


I started with a wool flowered skirt and blue knit socks from Grandma in the Osaka sim. I added an old comfy Bad Ass t-shirt designed by Fina Deledda of the Violet Tree, and I bought it so long ago, I can’t remember where I got it. While shopping on Tableau the other night, I stopped by Fashionably Dead where I saw this cuddly Long Knit Jacket and adorable jelly shoes. I threw on my Junk Tribal Horn earrings; Canimal Cupcake Novelty Ring; ETD Cora hair, Celestial Studios Fall 4 skin; and my Lemon Oh Marie shape and I was out the door.


One response to “Granny Panties!!!!

  1. Where did you get the faboo sox?? I love those! Rockin’ outfit! ;o)

    I added your link in my blog, hope that’s ok! Have a look:


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