Punky Brewster

Tonight, Celebrity Trollop hosted an old-school punk party at the Caffeine au Go-Go on the Calliefornia sim.  So, Celebrity’s SL’s top fashionista, so no pressure to get the outfit right.  Yeah, no pressure at all.  Before I crashed, here’s what I had on:


I started with the retired Deviant Nation Fetish skin and layered on some of Canimal’s new Black Magic tattoos on top and some Red Ruin Bang Bang hip tattoos on the bottom.  I also wore Artilleri’s Wendy Wild pants and retired skull tank.  I dug out my old reliable Beckenbauer Oi! red ox 16 eye boots and a new Artilleri Pyramid Stud belt.  Iris Ophelia told me to go to UnTone where I found a great Arm Band in black, but I had to layer on some Artilleri Lulu bracelets too.   A quick visit to Fancy Schmancy netted me the Noir Charm collar (which I wore w/o the leash, thank you!).  Finally, I topped off my look with ETD’s Madeline II hair.

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